Student Interviews



Are we really hearing the truth? Do our reporters report real stories, or just make them up. 

Its a hard choice, deciding what we want to do for the rest of our lives, some instinctively already have their lives planned out others take a little more motivation.

For us journalism students we know what our goal is,  to report the news and deliver information to the general public.  With so many fields within the media industry, job aspiration are endless.  I interviewed a number of my fellow classmates to discover what their aspirations in life are and where they see themselves in the future, we also touched on issues within the media today such as if we should trust the news that we are being told. I began my interviews by asking ‘Why did you want to get into journalism’ the simple question which provided great feedback from aspiring journalists. ‘ I decided to major in journalism because I love to write about experiences and just life in general. To me journalism is about voicing  your opinions and adventures, or lending your voice to tell the stories of others, I wanted to be apart of that’ says Jess,  a first year university student who aspires to work as a feature writer for the ABC.  The people who I interviewed had very different goals they wanted to achieve in the media industry. David Atherton hopes to become a sports correspondent and report on issues surrounding soccer. ‘ Soccer is my sport of choice and I would love to be able to report on it, and get paid at the same time’, whilst Elise dreams of becoming a TV presenter ‘ I would love to report the news on television, SBS or ABC would be the best channels to work for because I feel they are the most legitimate’. As you can see the diverse range of professions these students strive for are endless.

Truth in the media  is a big deal considering the amount of news we hear in our lives. It seems that more and more media outlets are resorting to telling fake news to bump up their viewership. Magazines such as Women ‘s Day and Entertainment Tonight purposely alter their content so they can reach a bigger profit, But is this happening with the news. ‘ Most of the news we hear today is partially true. All sources have their respective bias and perspective on each story, so the story will naturally be different from each source’ says Harry. Most news out their today is respectively ‘good news’ and as it should be. The news is there for the sole purpose to inform the reader not to spread bias materials around the nation. Others think that mainstream channels such as Nine and Seven are particularly bias compared to others. Elise believes that not all  channels tell truthful news ‘ Some of the news are just a few facts and the rest is made up, SBS and ABC are the only reliable ones I think’.

Its a subject that sparks much debate between different people, with my variety of sources I can gather a better knowledge of the news through the people I interviewed, they all seemed to provide good explanations to back up their opinion and allowed me to strong content to write about.


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