Profile: Harry Barker


Poised and focused Harry taking some time out of his hectic lifestyle to fashion a smile.  


Whilst chatting to Harry about University life and the ever more exciting subject of future prospects, it dawned on me how little I knew about  his interests and life outside of University.

This Ballambi local who has a strong passion for video gaming and basketball,  enjoys nothing more than gathering with his mates to play a game. ‘ We play basketball a couple times a week on the public courts, just me and a couple of friends’. He sits there thinking for a little ‘ It gets very competitive though, we usually break out into a fight or leave the court angry at each other but  we always turn up at the same time next week’.  He is a fan of his own sport, he doesn’t play competitively anymore which reflects his commitment to the game, pure enjoyment is the only reason he keeps coming back to the court every week. Although living by the sea, it seems he has other interests than going down to the beach alike most people around him. ‘I go to the beach a couple times in summer but that’s about it, I tried surfing once but just never really enjoyed it’. Harry enjoys different things compared to others who enjoy going to the beach everyday.  ‘I really enjoy first person shooting games, games like Halo, Call Of Duty and Battlefield, they bring me endless hours of enjoyment’.

I decided it was time to change the conversation a little and talk about what he gets up to most nights. Apart from studying, I know for a fact that he loves to go into Wollongong whenever he gets the chance. Hotel Illawara seems to be the pub of choice, now I only go into Wollongong once every three months and every time i’m there Ill see Harry. ‘ I probably go to Hotel Illawarra twice a week’  he chuckles  ‘ its just an easy place to go and have a good time, not to far from home yet still far enough away’.  I ask him why he frequents the same spot all the time.  ‘Well I met an off duty bartender there and we became good friends, he started buying me drinks and introducing me to all his colleagues. So really its a place for me to go and get free drinks’.  He seems to like the same spot so much its a wonder he ever leaves. ‘ I did get offered a job there as a bartender but its a place i’d rather go for fun, not for work’.

The interview was over and we began to pack up our things, we were walking towards the bus station at uni until we went our separate ways. Harry had another class and I was heading home, he slapped my hand and called me the usual insult before turning around and heading back building 19 to continue on with his studies.







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