The Public’s Confidence In The Media.

It’s no doubt that the quality of today’s news has been on the decline in regards to the public’s opinion. More and more people are starting to realise that the news is not a trusted source of information, but a way to exploit the public  to gather more revenue.  This recent way of presenting the news has people questioning the news’s credibility. Recently in America there has been a huge drop in in the public’s opinion on what is considered to be good news, 36 percent  believe news organizations get the facts straight, compared with 54 percent in mid-1989. That is a dramatic drop in the past 25 years considering how long the media industry has been operating for.

So what went wrong? It appears in the past 70 years the news industry has gone from being a single trusted form of communication to slanderous information gathered by the media moguls who own them. The public have now started to realise the mistakes that are left uncorrected within the newspapers. Spelling mistakes, grammar and poor quality of writing has evidently been the downfall of the news, why would people trust something that doesn’t have the correct spelling.  The problem seems to lie with the journalist’s themselves.  The ‘deadline rush’ appears to be the major fault concerning the journalists. Overworked and understaffed they admit that a few faults are going to pass through into the final edit. Not to mention  inexperience.

The news is now moving into a different era of media broadcasting. It seems technology is taking over the news game,  newspaper sales are now on the recline and most quality news  story’s  seem to be online,  but will this boost the credibility of the news and bring back the public’s trust? As long as the news goes back to broadcasting the truth  and proving that it is once again credible, I believe the public will follow.


“Current Problems In The Media.” Daily Source. Global Social Justice News, 18 May 2014. Web. 28 May 2014.



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